Ananya Broker Parekh draws for people and for herself.
She is presently looking for a summer internship.
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Drawings for DOT

a series of illustrations for a little lyrical booklet for an Indian singer, DOT, drawing from her music.

The English-Muffin Problem

editorial sketches for The Atlantic’s article about economic discontent regarding the rise in groceries.

Coexistence and Conservation

an illustration for Biodiversity Collaborative ‘s annual report on coexistence of nature and humans 

Diversity Increase and Its Representation Effects

an editorial for an article that discusses the need to increase representation of fictional characters for children instead of viewing popular characters as intrinsiacally white in a changing America, Brown Political Review 

Abortion Access and Grassroots Activism

an editorial for an article about the Jane Collective, a feminism activism group
that administered safe and affordable abortions on Chicago’s south side, Brown Political Review


What We Found,

is a book about the universal feeling of loss and our inherent human resillience that enables us to hold on, yet move forward, written and illustrated by me

The Age of instagram Face

is an article about how social media,  and plastic surgery enable a person to mould their face exactly the way they want it to be

Relationships and Interdependence

a cover for a fair collaboration toolkit reinforcing the need for European countries to build equal and equitable relationships, European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC)

What’s Missing From Empathy

an editorial illustration for an article about what empathy misses and com[assion holds

Rafu, an experimental animated short film

When you darn something, you mend a hole in it by sewing stitches across the hole and sewing stitches in and out of it. But sometimes, the hole is too big or the thread is too thin and the more you try to fix the hole the larger it gets. It falls apart. You fall apart. But, you’ll find a way to piece it back together, Keep going! 

Making Together

a cover illustration for a fair collaboration toolkit celebrating the spirit of collaboration, European Union National institutes for Culture (EUNIC)

Theni Raani

Frames for a nursery rhyme about a bee’s birthday party hinting at the adverse climatic and pesticide happenings, Poo Paatu. View the song here

Nature as nurture

Identity for a collective that is exploring narrative ideas and practices in diverse contexts, Narrative Practices India

Grief Is A Stubborn Animal 

an illustration for a short story about the baffling incomprehensible nature of grief, Soup Magazine. View the full story here 

The Waves Come Crashing

a spot illustration for an article about sensory pollution, here particuarly noise pollution in the seas

Wading in the Rock Pool 

A social media collateral for a sustainable lifestyle brand aiming to ahow their three main brand amasaddors in an ideal world, Only Earth

Last Mile Access, and Equitable Data Labelling

Covers for annual reports for a research-based organisation whose papers discuss issues on the intersection of technology and society, Aapti

The Forest Child - Summer Collections (2020-2023)

print designs for a sustainable children’s clothing brand aiming to spread awareness about the natural world introducing different species in each collection, Forest Child Clothing. View the complete clothing line here

  Things To Do

  a series inspired by a few of the routine errands and chores I’ve grown up being      told to do- Walk  your dog, Pick some flowers, Feed the birds, and brush your hair

Labour Of Love

an article about the challenging job of the invisible workforce of professional caregivers in india, Soup Magazine. View the story here


an identity for an initiative that aims to make reading inclusive and acessible to every child, Samarthya Foundation

How Animals Perceive The World

an editorial illustration for an article about sensory pollution and it’s impact on other organisms

Creating Communities For Drivers

an illustrattion for an annual report about creating a safe space for automobile drivers as a community to voice and share their concernsnand requests, aapti

Aruna Dayanad’s Avarakelu Usali

A food-based illustration for an article documenting the preparation of a dish made with hyacinth beans, Goya Journal

The Complexity of Cuteness

Illustrations for the key themes of a podcast discussing cute culture

Hold Your Horses

a dyptich made with sticky fingers, 237 kinds of paper and one
ice cream cone for sustenance

Making Space For Dialog

a cover for a fair collaboration toolkit encouraging inclusive conversations where every voice is heard, European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC)  

From Fleece to Fabric

identity for a social enterprise that works with traditional artisans in Kullu valley focussed on making things from Indigenous HImalayan wool

Turn the lights off, the moths are sleeping 

a spot illustration for an editorial on human-made sensory pollution


an illustration of people at a bus stop