Ananya Broker Parekh draws for people and for herself.
She is presently looking for a summer internship.
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These comics were born in many in-between moments. Sometimes in transit, on a quick note on my phone that brews in my head and becomes something on a later day. I make them when i have some free time. Welcome to my inner world

From a Sunday afternoon huddled in guilt

On catching feelings

What do you do when a raincloud hovers over your head?

Breaking love down...

An ode to worry

On falling in love 

On coming to terms with wanting something,
and learning to be okay with not always having it

This piece stems from conversations I had with tribal communities who were displaced by the floods and landslides of 2018 and 2019 in Wayanad, Kerala. And there were cyclones and more floods. As we experienced displacement globally in the pandemic , what stood out to me is human resillience and how it’s put to test again and again and again...

The grass is and will aways be greener on the other side 

Waking up from dreams that you wished never ended is disorienting. And called for some impulsive documentation

A work made in lockdown.  I tinkered with photographer Hashim Badani’s soothing way of capturing life to make sense of an upside-down world. 

From one of the many days i spent procrastinating and thinking about a world full of ‘what-if’s” and “but also’s”

I hate endings.
The End.